Recognize the Characteristics of Nasal Polyps

A common feature of nasal polyps is nasal congestion or runny nose. In addition to nasal congestion, disturbances in the sense of smell or smell, pain, and head feels heavy are the characteristics of nasal polyps to watch out for. Nasal polyps are soft lumps that grow in nasal mucosal tissue. Nasal polyps usually grow hanging in a grape-like shape. Its presence can inhibit the air inhaled, resulting in difficulty breathing. Nasal polyps are most common in adults aged 40 years and over. In addition, nasal polyps are more common in men than women. Causes of Nasal Polyps Nasal polyps are generally triggered by infections of nasal mucosal tissue. Mucosa is a thin, wet layer that helps protect the nose and moisturizes the air that is inhaled. If there is an infection or allergy, the nasal mucosa will swell and become red due to inflammation. Nasal polyps are formed due to prolonged irritation and inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Apart from infections and allergies, the growth of nas
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